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What makes

you move?

Is it that hour in the dark that makes you want to
get up and chase something extraordinary?
Is it the journey you never want to end?
Or a drive that transports your senses to a different place?
Is it the desire to forget the mundane…
…and feel untethered, untamed?

Is it your hunger to challenge the roads, no matter where they take you?
Or just to push all limits to reach a view that has been seen by no one?
Maybe all of it speaks to you. Or just a part of it does.
But if you’re ending your journeys only with a dream to drive another day,
you know exactly what makes you move.


Track Day - Gurugram

Experience the thrills and a day full adrenaline rush of track. Drive through a host of controlled & customized circuits which are exclusively laid out to make you feel truly exhilarated.

Expedition - Mumbai - Nashik

Chase an adventure that spans across 2 exciting days where you will get to drive along the scenic freeways between Mumbai and Nashik. It is a unique driving experience that combines tranquility and thrills in equal measures. ​

Expedition - Bengaluru

Indulge in a half day road trip with like-minded piston-heads as you go on to witness some of the most breathtaking landscapes that lay along the highway between Bengaluru and Nandi Hills.


“Saw this as an opportunity to take my car uphill with other cars & it was wonderful. We enjoyed the music part a lot. The experience was far more than we expected”

- Nishit & Archika (Expedition: Bengaluru)

“This was my first drive was expecting something like this. The experience was very nice, and I felt comfortable that was great. Maruti Suzuki doing these kinds of events its really encouraging. Would be a part of future events like these”

- Sandeep (Expedition: Bengaluru)

“Being a first event It was amazing experience for the first time. The entire event co-ordination was amazing, just loved it. The place was really amazing and would be my memorable moment from the event”

- Shivanith (Expedition: Bengaluru)

“Amazing experience really enjoyed a lot”.

– Chetan (Track Day: Gurugram)

“Absolutely amazing. Exhilarating experience”.

– Eshan (Track Day: Gurugram)

“It was a very good experience in this journey. Looking forward for another expedition”

- Rohan (Expedition: Mumbai - Nashik)

“We enjoyed a lot, it was awesome for me”

- Vaishali (Expedition: Mumbai - Nashik)

“This was a great experience and it was beyond expectations. I had a great time”.

- Chandra (Expedition: Mumbai - Nashik)

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