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S-Assist -
Your Virtual Car Assistant

S-Assist is a go-to assistance feature for your Maruti Suzuki car, engineered keeping your convenience in mind. Simply scan the part of the car or speak to voice assistant or chat with S-Assist on your smartphone; and get information about it without having to search for it anywhere else. It’s quick, convenient and reliable!

Features of S-Assist

  • Voice Assist & Chat

    Simply ask your query using the voice assistant or type it in the chatbox to get quick help.

  • Scan To Know

    Flipping pages of the owner’s manual is no longer required. Simply scan the part and get relevant information about it, right on your smartphone screen.

  • View Your Car’s Owner Manual

    You can easily access your car’s owner manual in a digital format on your smartphone. Get all the information you need, anytime and anywhere.

How it Works?

How it Works?

S-Assist at your Service

Stuck in a situation and need quick assistance? Or want to know how a particular car feature works? Simply take out your smartphone and access S-Assist. You will get the relevant information in no time. View the steps to see how S-Assist works to offer you unmatched convenience.

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