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Price list

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Integrated Starter Generator

Idle Start Stop : Belt driven ISG ensures a quick and silent restarting of the engine as soon as clutch is pressed using the stored energy from the advanced dual battery system.

Torque Assist: It assists engine power during acceleration using the energy stored in the advanced dual battery system.

Brake Energy Regeneration : The ISG converts the energy from braking/deceleration of the car and stores it in the advanced dual battery system

Advanced Dual Battery System

High Capacity Lead Acid & Li-ion Battery : The advanced dual battery system stores the energy generated while braking/decelerating, provide power to ISG that assists during acceleration and idle start/stop operation of the car. This combination results into a peppy, powerful & fuel efficient vehicle.

Advanced Dual Battery System

High Capacity Lead Acid & Li-ion Battery : The advanced dual battery system stores the energy generated while braking/decelerating, provide power to ISG that assists during acceleration and idle start/stop operation of the car. This combination results into a peppy, powerful & fuel efficient vehicle.

Regenerative Braking:

A smart solution that maximizes energy efficiency by leveraging regenerative braking to recharge the Li-ion battery.

Engine Drive

An engine drive leverages the IC engine to help you cruise through your journeys while also charging the battery at the same time.

Hybrid Drive

A drive that gives you optimum performance and spontaneous acceleration using the power of both, the petrol engine and the battery pack. The combined power output provides for a powerful drive.

Electric Drive

For low speed cruising, the energy stored in the battery pack is utilized to power the electric motor. A truly Electric Drive that provides you with immediate acceleration

Smart Hybrid Technology

Smart Hybrid is an advanced technology that helps increase fuel efficiency and enhances driving performance. The engine automatically stops when idle and silently starts when the optimal conditions are met in manual and automatic transmissions. It comes with a dual battery setup including a Lithium Ion Battery. These high capacity batteries store the energy generated during braking to assist the engine's idle start-stop and the torque assist functions. The energy stored in the Lithium-ion battery assists during acceleration which helps engine in providing optimal acceleration and performance.

Advantages of Smart Hybrid Technology


The torque assist function supplements the engine’s power during acceleration which reduces the load on engine and the brake energy regeneration function captures the energy lost during braking and deceleration of vehicle, eventually improving the engine life & performance.

Improved fuel efficiency

Engineered for better performance and fuel-efficiency and a cleaner way of mobility, the Smart Hybrid technology by Maruti Suzuki has an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) along with a dual battery setup comprising of a high-capacity Pb-Acid and Lithium-ion battery. Its Brake Energy Regeneration function converts the energy from braking and deceleration and stores it within the batteries to assist motor functions, namely Idle Stop Start and Torque Assist. This combination results into a peppy, powerful & fuel-efficient drive and performance.

Reduction in emissions

The Smart Hybrid Technology helps reduce emissions by saving fuel consumption and improving efficiency thereby helping keep environment clean and green

Smart Hybrid Cars

  • *Prices shown above are ex-showroom Delhi.
  • *Accessories and features shown may not be a part of standard equipment.
  • *Smart Hybrid in Brezza available in automatic variants only

Intelligent Electric Hybrid Technology

The advanced electric hybrid system from Maruti Suzuki is a full hybrid technology that can drive on battery power, alone and operate in fuel efficient, zero emissions mode. The Intelligent Electric Hybrid can seamlessly switch between pure electric, petrol mode & harness the power of both, depending on the driving situation. A revolutionary solution that lets you rule the city streets.

Advantages of Intelligent Electric Hybrid

Better Fuel Efficiency

Electric motor and petrol engine combo consumes less fuel and maximizes fuel efficiency.

Lower CO2 Emissions

When the electric motor kicks in, the overall load on the petrol engine reduces, which leads to lower CO2 emissions and a more environment-friendly car.

No Range Anxiety

The battery charges during cruising and regenerative braking, which gives you an extended range as compared to an electric vehicle that needs charging at regular intervals.

Enhanced Performance

Enhanced power delivery from the combined output of the petrol engine and electric motor delivers smooth and quick acceleration.

Quieter Driving

Minimal engine noise in the EV mode and a smooth switch over between petrol and electric will give you a smooth and quiet driving experience.

Intelligent Electric Hybrid Cars

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01. General

1. How does Smart Hybrid technology work in cars?

Buying a Maruti Suzuki car with Smart Hybrid technology is a great idea. This revolutionary technology helps enhance the car’s performance as well as fuel efficiency through its three main functions - Idle Start Stop, Brake Energy Regeneration and Torque Assist.
Brake Energy Regeneration works during deceleration – it kicks in to store the converted electric energy in the batteries. This essentially means that the dual battery setup is self-charging in nature.
Torque Assist supplements the engine’s power during acceleration to reduce engine load while Idle Start Stop saves fuel in stop-go traffic. Thanks to all this, Smart Hybrid technology delivers better performance, ensures longer engine life, enhances fuel efficiency and reduces emissions.

2. How does Intelligent Electric Hybrid technology work?

Available in NEXA Grand Vitara, Intelligent Electric Hybrid technology makes the SUV deliver enhanced performance, better fuel efficiency, quieter driving characteristics, and lower emissions.
This full hybrid system can drive in pure petrol mode, battery mode, and also harness the best of these two modes for superior drivability and fuel efficiency.

3. Does Maruti Suzuki offer Smart Hybrid Technology in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged petrol engines?

Yes, for naturally aspirated engines, Maruti Suzuki offers Smart Hybrid Technology in Ertiga and Brezza within the Arena lineup, and for NEXA cars, it is available in the Ciaz, XL6, Grand Vitara, and Fronx.

4. What role does an ISG play in Smart Hybrid cars by Maruti Suzuki?

Helping reduce the load on the engine, Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) replaces the conventional starter motor and alternator in Maruti Suzuki Smart Hybrid cars. The ISG fulfils a number of functions that help the car deliver better performance and fuel efficiency. At the time of braking or deceleration, the ISG converts the brake energy into electrical energy and stores it in the dual battery setup. This stored energy is used for the Idle Start Stop function to conserve fuel in stop-go traffic and also in Torque Assist where ISG supplements the engine during acceleration to reduce engine stress and improve fuel economy.


by owners

04 reviews

Prachi Gupta

“I think Smart Hybrid cars by Maruti Suzuki are an amazing choice. I own a NEXA XL6, and honestly, I could not be happier. Maruti Suzuki’s Smart Hybrid technology is all about better fuel efficiency and performance, which makes the cars easy to maintain as well.”

Bharat Vaishnav

“Smart Hybrid cars are so amazing. I recently bought the Vitara Brezza VXI and despite its size, the car churns out a decent average. Plus, choosing cars with the Smart Hybrid technology is of course the more sustainable choice, which is another reason I recommend the Vitara Brezza to anyone looking to buy a new car.”

Priyanka Choudhary

“I put in a fair bit of research into the Smart Hybrid cars by Maruti Suzuki before finally buying the Vitara Brezza LXI. The car has an amazingly smooth drive, is extremely comfortable, delivers good fuel efficiency, and has all the safety features you need for your peace of mind.”

Anmol Singh

“I bought the Ertiga ZXI Smart Hybrid by Maruti Suzuki. The car is very spacious and comfortable to drive, even for the long haul. Additionally, buying a Smart Hybrid vehicle is a good move for the environment as well, which is of course a step in the right direction. I am extremely happy with my car and recommend it to all.”

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